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CNC shearing machine is generally the use of general or special computer to achieve digital program control, which is usually controlled by the position, Angle, speed and other mechanical quantities and switching quantities related to the flow of mechanical energy.

CNC Shearing Machine
CNC Shearing Machine

Performance characteristics:
Forced positioning accurate, worm gear transmission, smooth rod wire rod concentric, noiseless structure and features: steel plate welding structure, hydraulic transmission, accumulator return, easy to operate, reliable performance, beautiful appearance
The cutting edge gap adjustment is indicated by the sign, and the adjustment is light and quick. Equipped with light alignment device, and can adjust the stroke of the upper tool holder stepless (optional)
Adopt fence type personal safety protection device
The size of the rear stopper and the number of cuts are digitally displayed
Hydraulic drive, swinging tool holder. The overall welding of the frame is strong and durable, and the use of the accumulator cylinder returns smoothly and quickly.
It has the function of stepless adjustment of stroke, the upper and lower blade blade clearance is adjusted by the handle, and the blade clearance uniformity is easy to adjust.
Protective grating and electrical interlock ensure safe operation.
CNC CNC system and position encoder form a closed-loop control system, which is fast, high precision, good stability, and can accurately ensure the dimensional accuracy of the displacement of the rear stop material. At the same time, the CNC system has a variety of additional functions such as compensation function and automatic detection.