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CNC Sawing machine with circular saw blade, saw band or saw blade as a tool, sawing metal round material, square material, pipe material and profiles. The processing accuracy of the sawing machine is generally not very high, and it is mostly used for cutting various bar materials, pipe materials and other profiles in the material preparation workshop. The driving wheel and driven wheel drive the saw blade to run, and the cutting direction of the saw blade is controlled by the guide rail control frame. The band saw blade is straightened by adjusting the rotation bearing and the saw is swept away by the sweeper. The hydraulic cylinder piston rod supports the guide rail control frame to drop into the sawing cutting material, and the band sawing machine is equipped with a manual or hydraulic cylinder clamping mechanism and a hydraulic operated valve switch.

The main parts of the sawing machine have a bottom seat; Bed, column; Saw beam and transmission mechanism; Guide device; Workpiece clamping; Tensioning device; Feed rack; Hydraulic transmission system; Electrical control system; Lubrication and cooling systems;


CNC sawing machine
CNC sawing machine